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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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Library Farewell
Library Mums prepared a play for the Library closure

As every year, our preschoolers have the wonderful chance to choose a book from the Library and take it home to read together with their parents. This takes place every Thursday with a group of mothers who volunteer to help us throughout the year. They come to the Kindergarten, sort out books and prepare everything so that the children can choose according to their interests.  The children take the book home and bring it back on Tuesdays. A group of mothers come again to check that every child has brought the book back after the week-end. Our mothers are really very committed with this task.


As a closure of the school year, they put up a short play called the "Doorbell Rang". They prepared a large amount of cookies to give to the children as the story was about a mother who had prepared 12 cookies for her children. They had sorted them out and every time they were about to eat them … the doorbell rang, and more children arrived; therefore there were less cookies for them. A very important value was addressed within the play: Children had to SHARE.

Mummies and children had a great time; mummies rehearsing and then dramatizing and children watching them.

We would like to thank all the mothers who have helped in one way or another and to those who performed. They were really great!



You can see more of the play in our Photo Gallery! 


“Only in books has mankind known perfect truth, love and beauty."

George Bernard Shaw 


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