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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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A very special outing
The children who attend the Extended Timetable Programme went to have an ice-cream!

On Monday 29th. the children who attend the Extended Timetable Programme had a very special outing. They went by bus to the Olivos square and had an ice-cream at the ice-cream shop right in front of the square.

They had to choose the flavour they wanted and then they were each given a cup full of delicious ice-cream. Some sat on high chairs and others sat on some sofas. They enjoyed eating it while chatting amongst themselves.


The owner of the shop showed them how the ice-cream is made and the different utensils they use.


After learning interesting things about ice-creams, we went to the park. We had taken a ball to play with but when they saw big slides, swings and see-saws they decided to leave the ball and start going up and down the slide and see-saw. Some had great fun playing with spades and rakes in the sandpit.


Luckily the weather was beautiful and the children could really enjoy such a special outing. 


You can enjoy more of the outing in our Photo Gallery...


Having an ice-cream at the ice-cream shop
Enlarge Picture

Watching how they make ice-cream
Enlarge Picture

Playing in the sandpit in the park
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