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15/9/2019 School Calendar
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Geography field work
Y9 travels to Mar del Plata

   Well done and thank you to all the staff and students who made the year 9 field trip to Mar del Plata such a success!

  Year 9 travelled in 2 groups to the coastal resort of Mar del Plata, the first from 29th November –1st December, then 1st – 3rd December.  While there they completed field work at coastal, river and urban environments, they also looked at how climate changes on a local scale by investigating micro climates.

  As well as completing practical field work they applied their new knowledge and skills to complete exam papers in the evening. Both groups worked very hard and now have lots of notes for IGCSE Paper 4 next year!    

 A special thank you to Surfrider Foundation´s Gustavo Huici who gave a fascinating presentation on the physical geography of Mar del Plata and the importance of protecting our fresh water supplies.  To learn more about the organization please click here:

Measuring tides
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Measuring river bed

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Population survey
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