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25/8/2019 School Calendar
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On Tuesday, December 6th “Pandas”, “Whales” and “Tigers” graduated from Kindergarten.

K5 students led by Scottish music from bagpipes came into the Auditorium and after a farewell speech delivered by their Head they got their diplomas. One by one they stepped up and received their recognition from their teachers who hugged them and wished them all the best for their Primary schooling.

Once they all got their diplomas they sang a song that addressed the importance of friendship and then quietly listened to their teachers singing in honour of their graduates.

Parents had also prepared a surprise for their children.  Going up the stage they sang a song about kindergarten and the teachers.

Once they finished, we all went outside to the playground where we shared soft drinks and sandwiches and a warm goodbye, especially with the families who graduated from kindergarten with their youngest children.

Our kindergartners played together until it was time to go home and left with a tiny tree to take care of, as a symbol of what they learnt at the kindergarten, being Earth protectors and taking care of our environment.

We wish all our graduates to carry on enjoying the time at school, taking full advantage of learning opportunities and social relationships.

We thank all our families for supporting our initiatives and sharing our mission and vision about educating together.

My warm regards to all and my best wishes for this holiday season,

Patsy Di Nucci

Kindergarten Headmistress

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