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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Last week the “Frogs” became pirates!
The children did many activities to prepare this game.

They  painted “pirates´ flags” for the ships they built.

They used flour, water and salt to make “Pirates´  biscuits!”. They baked them and ate them in a picnic in the field.

Today,  the “froggies“ wore bandanas and eye patches and went on a search for the hidden treasure.  They followed various clues.  For ex.:  “Shhhh, horses sleepping!”, “revuelvo con un palo y los deshechos deshago!!” (the compost bin) ”dónde me lavo las manos y me miro en el espejo??” (the bathroom).

It was really fun!

Visit our Photo Gallery to see how much they worked and enjoyed themselves!!

Frogs´ class

Morning & afternoon

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Enlarge Picture

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