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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Five year olds sharing some of their initiatives on Ecology with Secondary School students

A group of Secondary School students who are developing a project on Ecology came to our Kindergarten to learn and find out how and what we recycle. They will be starting to help the “Cooperativa El Ceibo” as we have been doing since last year.

The five year olds and their teachers were very happy to receive them and share their experience with them. They told us that they were visiting us because our Sector is deeply involved in all ecological issues. The big boys as we call them generally, started asking different questions on how and what we recycle.

They also wanted to know more about the Cooperativa and the things they collected. As I had brought a wide assortment of things that can be recycled to show my group of children, they were able to see, empty plastic bags of chocolate milk powder, a cloth softener container, milk sachets, washing powder sachets, different boxes such as facial cream and toothpaste, empty toilet and kitchen rolls and even empty shampoo and hair conditioner plastic containers.

We showed them what goes in each bin and told them that we collected PET bottles, plastic containers, wrapping paper, etc. for the Cooperativa and soft drink bottle tops, different kinds of paper and cardboard and old keys for the Garrahan Hospital.

The Whales also told them that the bottles should be washed and rinsed, and showed them how to squash them in order to have more space in the bins. They were really proud of helping them, sharing their experience and enthusiasm.

We hope that they enjoy such a rewarding project of helping others, protecting our planet by reducing rubbish that contaminates the earth and we wish them all the best in this new experience.

Miss Sylvia and The Whales

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