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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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First grade - Roll to ten
Are you the winner??

   First graders at Punta Chica have been keeping busy.

Last week we learned a new game: Roll to Ten. The objective of the game? To be so lucky as to roll two numbers which add up to ten!  Children played in pairs, and wrote down the necessary equations to discover whether or not they were winners.  6+4?  9+1? Whichever  combination  reached 10  was worth a big smile. 

Just take a look at the evidence!

Enlarge Picture

Enlarge Picture

Emilia and Josefina worked hard!!
Enlarge Picture

-Working together is easier!
Enlarge Picture

Joaquina and Sol enjoyed this game!
Enlarge Picture

-We made it!!!
Enlarge Picture

-Are we the winners?
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