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15/9/2019 School Calendar
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Easter is here!
Punta Chica Kindergarten

The “Bunnies” had a great time getting ready for Easter.  We worked very hard preparing baskets for our Easter eggs, decorating an Easter card and making bunny ears to dress up.  We also enjoyed playing “Bunny, bunny walk around” and dramatizing the “Hello Little Bunny rabbit” song.

On Wednesday we dressed up as bunnies, painting our nose and drawing some whiskers and, of course, our ears.  We got together with the “Frogs” to celebrate Easter, singing songs and listening to a story and, when we went back to the classroom, a surprise was waiting for us!!... lots of Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny footprints.  Let´s hope we don´t get a tummy ache now!

With love,

The “Bunnies”

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