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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Vegetable Garden
Punta Chica´s “Whales” and “Dolphins” started working on the vegetable garden.

1)     Weeding with shovels

2)     Evening out the ground with rakes

3)     Putting up a scarecrow, to scare away the birds

4)     Planting seeds (lettuce, chard, rocket, spinach)

5)     Spraying the seedlings

6)     Weeding, picking up fallen leaves.


The children actively participated in all the steps, feeling a sense of ownership for their vegetable garden.


These activities are destressors and teach them about science and nature and where food comes from.


In addition to gardening being a learning experience, it is lots of fun!


Enjoy more pictures in our Photo Gallery!


Miss Corinne

Looking at the scarecrow made by Miss Mariana
Enlarge Picture

Weeding with shovels
Enlarge Picture

Evening out the ground with rakes
Enlarge Picture

Putting up the scarecrow
Enlarge Picture

Planting the seeds
Enlarge Picture

Spraying the seedlings
Enlarge Picture

Weeding, picking up fallen leaves
Enlarge Picture

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