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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Another campaign has started at the Olivos Kindergarten
Let's join our former pupils in helping others!

This time we will be helping the school in Palominos, Tucumán. We got together with Minkai (the name means helping others), a group of former pupils who travel once a month to Tucumán to visit the community of Palominos, stay at their school and interact with the people, listening to their stories and needs and trying to find solutions to some of their problems. 

Two of them came to the kindergarten to speak to the children in K5. They shared some of their experiences and needs of the people. This time the priority is non-perishable food and school stationery. They showed us a very nice dvd while the five year olds listened attentively and asked them interesting questions.

Then we decided to let our community of parents know about all this, therefore the Whales and Pandas wrote a letter to them. They discussed on how to start, who to address it to and what to include in the letter.

The children in the Whales group brainstormed and discussed about it and finally wrote a long list of things that they considered the school in Tucumán needed, such as different papers, crayons, colouring pencils, paint, folders, copybooks and the list goes on...

Once the letter was finished they gave it to the Pandas so that they could go on writing. We had a very positive reception and response from our children as the following day they started bringing lots of things. The grandmother of one of our pupils, who lives in Mendoza, knitted several scarves for them which she sent by mail. Her granddaughter was really proud taking them to school!

As a follow up of these activities we received the special visit from Cristina, the kindergarten teacher from Tucumán who came to Buenos Aires invited by the school for professional development.

We asked her to come to the kindergarten and when she walked into our classrooms she immediately established a close connection with the children. It was simply amazing! We showed her the letter and the scarves and she was utterly surprised at the generosity of our community and especially coming from the children.

She was extremely grateful for our help and with a lovely smile on her face she told them about the kindergarten she was coming from, how cold the weather was over there and the amount of kilometres children have to walk on a daily basis in order to attend classes, how few children go to school and that the kindergartners are all in one classroom.

Campaign: The Whales will be in charge of collecting school stationery and the Pandas will be in charge of non-perishable food as the Tigers helped in the previous campaign.

Service Learning: Different kinds of curricular activities take place through these campaigns. We work contents and skills in Social Studies, Art, Literacy, Science and Maths and we encourage children to develop empathy by understanding other realities, respect for other communities and sharing and helpfulness expressed through the whole process.

We would like to thank all those families who are helping and also let them know that we will finish this campaign on July 4th.

If you would like to know more about Minkai and what they do, you can visit their site in youtube, Minkai 2010

“Even if it is a little thing, do something for those who have need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it”

Albert Schweitzer

Cristina, the kindergarten teacher from the school in Tucumán, sharing her experiences with the children in the Whales classroom
Enlarge Picture

She told them very interesting stories!
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One of our former pupils from the Minkai group telling the Pandas about the school in Tucumán
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Showing the Tigers a DVD of what they do in Palominos.
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