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25/8/2019 School Calendar
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The Bunnies are doing some gardening!
Olivos kindergarten

During these last months, the Bunnies have been learning about plants: how to take care of them, what do they need to be able to grow, which types of plants exist, etc. The children showed interest in the growth of plants and watched many videos of plants growing.


So, last week, they were able to plant their own seeds. First, Miss Marina took them to see the secret garden we have at school, and showed them the place where they were going to transplant the seedlings when they were big enough to survive outside.


After that, they went back to the classroom, and together they chose the seeds they were going to plant (rocket lettuce). Then, one by one, were able to plant their own seeds in a recycled bottle and water them.



For more than two weeks, they were able to see them grow and take care of them.



Look at our plants and how we do gardening!!


There are more photos in our Photo Gallery!!

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