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27/6/2019 School Calendar
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Felix went to Italy
Second year Punta Chica enjoyed painting Venetian masks.


    Letters from Felix, a book by Annette Langen, is read in Y2. In this book, Felix is a toy rabbit who gets lost in an airport and starts travelling on his own to different countries. He sends letters from each destination to Sophie, his owner, giving us the opportunity to learn about England, France, Italy, Africa, North America and, this year, our own country.

While Felix was in Italy he went to Venice where he saw his sister Felicia hiding behind a Venetian mask

Y 2 pupils painted their own masks, and they were very proud of their job.
All the children have enjoyed this activity. We could see their concentrated faces and their joy.


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Valentina painting her mask.
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-Do you like it?
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Juana very proud of her mask!
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