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Punta Chica Parent´s Play took place at the end of June and Mrs. Mara Taylor is sharing with us her thoughts on the experience.

My "dream team" come true

 This year our Parents´ Play production AMUSEUM told the story of 4 students that could make paintings and sculptures come to life with the help of a very charming magical ballerina and her paintbrush. The whole idea, sketched in the overwhelmingly talented mind of Ximena Ibañez (who also painted full size reproductions of works of art by Kandinsky, Picasso, Degas, Matisse and Quinquela) had been going on for a year and was aimed to show the kids different types of art and teach them about the importance of imagination in every work of art they do. It is the first time we try to convey a moral idea in a play and thus we ended up with not only a fabulous display of talent and lights and dance but also with a story from beginning to end.

In my personal opinion, it is amazing the amount of hard work that goes into these productions, especially since all the parents involved invest their few hours of free time to practise for 3 months. The mothers rehearsing in the morning and afternoon shifts videotape their rehearsals and keep in touch the whole time amongst each other so they don't miss a detail, and parents who come at night, stay until long past bedtime and make a huge effort trying to make it work and have fun in the process. Therefore, the last week before opening the show the rehearsals last forever and the parents get to know each other better, the characters come to life and everybody is focused on one same goal: GET IT RIGHT.

The experience is wonderful for those who look for a "space" to dance, laugh and most importantly meet other parents and share experiences. It is nice to know the group of people that are part of the same place where your child is, and realize you share the same values and purposes!!! Also the couples who get to share this have a wonderful time together!

 This show could not have been possible without Xime Ibañez, Vero Kaplun, Andrea Ducote amongst many others and the amazing talent and patience of Veronica Gianakis who devoted days and nights in getting the choreographies right and making everyone have fun in the process. Overall, the team of beautiful, talented and amazing women and mothers I had the pleasure to work with this year in the production of AMUSEUM made all the difference, for they devoted endless hours to the show and never lost focus in knowing that ultimately, this is and will always be, for their most important people in their lives: their children.

 I hope next year we have as much (or more) people as this and we can go on adding talents and artistic ideas as we go learning in the process.

THANK YOU ALL for your devotion and patience, hope to see you in our next production in 2012!!!

 Mara Taylor


Punta Chica Kindergarten wants to thank all the parents involved in the show, the theme, the music, the props and all the organization were wonderful and the children were delighted. 

We thank the community for all the donations collected for the Jardín Maternal Sagrada Familia and Jardín No. 907.


Enjoy more pictures in our Photo Gallery!

Corinne Munck

Kindergarten Head

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