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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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A different day at Punta Chica
Last Sunday was Child´s Day. At Punta Chica, we celebrated on Friday 19th. With special activities.

The children were invited to come dressed with their favourite costume.  They shared a fashion parade to lively music and described what they were dressed up as.  The 5 years old were invited by Primary to share a special performance put on by the 1st. and 2nd. Grade teachers.  Thank you so much!! It was a great show!  and we learnt an important message:  It´s important to appreciate what we have and share our toys.

During last week, the teachers talked to the children about  the importance of sharing with others and how they could help families  in need by donating toys for their children.

The Kindergarten got together to share a delicious picnic!

The children all took home a delicious cookie on a wand baked by the Kindergarten teachers.

We want to thank all the families that collaborated with our Toys Campaign that were donated to help  the families of  “El Alamo Cooperative” and  “Jardín No. 907”.

Enjoy more pictures in our Photo Gallery!

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