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27/6/2019 School Calendar
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We celebrated "Tree Day"
Olivos Kindergarten August 29th: Tree day

The Whales have been learning about trees and how important they are for us and for our planet.

They listened to a story called “If a Tree could Talk” and then shared their ideas within the group.

Felicitas brought a beautiful book about Trees and Catalina prepared a lovely poster.

They learnt new information which was recorded and then prepared a lovely frieze at the entrance of the kindergarten to remember such an important day.

This is what they said:

"Don't cut me, if not you will have no air.

If you cut me, you need to plant more trees.

Look after the trees.

Don´t pull up my leaves

Don’t pull up my apples

I am special for you

Take care of me

Don't cut my branches

Protect my branches

Please, don't cut me

Don't plant me in a pot

If you cut me, there will be less oxygen

You can always water me

The more you cut, the less we will have

Trees give us oxygen

Trees are very important because they give us paper."


Please remember to stop and look at what they have prepared

Congratulations Whales!


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