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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Gardeners in the Bunnies’ classroom!
As everyone knows, the best time to plant most seeds is in winter. That is why last August the Olivos Afternoon Bunnies decided to try out the gardening experience, planting their own vegetables.

We planted lettuce in individual pots.  First of all we filled the pots with earth and added tiny seeds.  Then for two weeks we watered them carefully with spoons, to avoid giving them too much water.  Whenever the sun was out we would take them outside to receive its warmth, but we had to remember to bring them in every afternoon to avoid the cold at night.  After lots of care and attention, we were delighted to see all the seeds had sprouted and they were ready to take home.

The next step was to plant seeds in our special bed in the kindergarten vegetable garden.  We invited two parents to help us with the activity which meant hard work.  Before starting we had to make sure the earth was damp, loose and free of weeds.  Then we made little holes on the sides for the spinach seeds and larger holes in the middle for the garlic.  Did you know that to grow a garlic plant you have to plant a garlic clove?  Once all the seeds were planted we had to water the earth thoroughly and let nature do it’s work!

Every day we check on our vegetable garden, watering it and making sure there are no new weeds.  Now we are so proud to see the results of the gardening work we enjoyed so much!!

Please see for yourself in our photo gallery!

Thank you Mariana and Eugenio for sharing this activity with us!!

Filling the pots with earth and seeds
Enlarge Picture

Watering the seeds with spoons
Enlarge Picture

Look how they've grown!
Enlarge Picture

Making holes in the earth
Enlarge Picture

Planting the seeds
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Watering the earth
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We are so proud of our gardening!!
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