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17/8/2019 School Calendar
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Cycling the 6
Dr. Steve Fabes got off his bike to give a talk to our Middle School students

    This week  we were very lucky to be visited  by Dr. Steve Fabes, a British doctor who is cycling round the world raising money for Merlin - the only specialist UK charity which responds worldwide with vital health care and medical relief for vulnerable people caught up in natural disasters, conflict, disease and health system collapse.

   Steve left London on 5th January 2010 with the aim of covering the six continents on his bike. It was during the coldest winter in London in the last 30 years, and after only a few hours,  he was wondering if it was really the right thing to do.  As he cycled past a pub, he saw a sign saying “Never give up” and decided it was a signal, and he carried on.

   After crossing Europe, he began having knee problems, and had to fly home to London from Constantinople, to have his knee operated on.  As soon as he was back in shape, he got back on his bike and began the following lap through the Middle East, Egypt and the East side of Africa, down to Cape Town.

   He shared fascinating stories of how lions prowled round his tent in the night in Botswana, wild dogs almost attacked him in Ethiopia, how the spider he picked up and threw out of his tent turned out to be a Black Widow; all documented by incredible photos.

   He is now in Buenos Aires, preparing the next leg of his journey, from Ushuaia to Alaska , which he thinks will take around 18 months, and then he will cross over to Japan and Asia.

   If you would like to find out more about this incredible feat and see the great pictures, you can access his blog: . There are calendars on sale in Middle and Secondary School offices with photos of different places Steve has visited.

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