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15/9/2019 School Calendar
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Overall winners this year were a very impressive Fleming House followed closely by Monteith, and Dodds with Brown close behind them.

The New Inter-House Online Magazine Competition

The Magazine Competition has now been running for twenty years and there has always been a steady improvement to the quality and scope of the magazines but this year Secondary School House journalists joined the cutting edge of twenty-first century journalism. Many pupils and former pupils will remember the satisfaction and excitement of working in editorial teams made up of pupils from all Years in Secondary, writing and printing out a complete tri-lingual House magazine with twenty-four pages of articles, photographs and art work, all during the course of a single school day. Now the excitement is getting your material out there on-line for everyone to see!

The On-line Version Challenge!

This year the great challenge for editorial teams was to produce a completely on-line version of their House’s magazine, which would reach the whole community of pupils, parents, teachers and former pupils and could now be viewed on-line.

Editors and teams had to work hard to acquire new skills and adapt to a new medium of communication. Workshops were run in the first part of the year : on On-line Journalism by Martín Villasante ; on Photography and Video Film- making by Luciana Savanti and on Designing and Building a Website by Alejandro Ruiz. At the start of the year, a range of general topic areas that would be the subject of the eventual, specific writing tasks was given and photographers in the House encouraged to photograph and film activities ranging from House sporting events, music, drama, trips abroad to Learning through Service activities.


The climax of the Competition was spread over three weeks in September, when editorial mini-teams completed three, weekly assignments, including film coverage of a press conference given by Former-Pupil-Award winners, Milkai on Founder’s Day, advertising for Learning through Service projects and fifteen articles on a wide variety of topics in English, Spanish and French.

 Winners All!

Overall winners this year were a very impressive Fleming House followed closely by Monteith, and Dodds with Brown close behind them. Hearty congratulations to the hard-working Editors they were all winners in different areas of the Competition!), as too to all the participants in the Competition, who together more than met the expectations for the first year of the Competition. So, it’s you, the reader’s turn now! Click on Brown House’s “Keinú” , Dodds’  “Heritage”, Fleming’s “The Lancet” and Monteith’s “Écoes” on the Secondary School website, and enjoy!

To know the please score sheet click here.


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