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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Olivos Graduation Ceremony
On Monday, December 5th, three groups of K5 pupils graduated from kindergarten.

The 2011 class of Pandas, Whales and Tigers graduated from Kindergarten with mixed feelings for finishing their Kindergarten years but with lots of hope for what is yet to come in Primary.


Teachers prepared as a surprise a lovely presentation with photographs of the children through the three years that they shared at school… heartwarming memories and lots of laughter too!


Two members of staff were recognised for working for 10 years at our school.

Alex Temple, our educational psychologist

Tania Dermen, educational psychologist and kindergarten teacher.

The Olivos kindergarten also had the chance to recognise and say goodbye to one of our excellent teachers, Luciana De Miguel who will start working as a speech therapist.


Parents also had their moment on stage with a song and then, despite the rain, we enjoyed drinks and delicious treats in the hall of the Primary school.


Goodbye dear Pandas, Tigers and Whales and all best for first grade!

Our kindergarten graduates!
Enlarge Picture

Our staff singing
Enlarge Picture

a farewell song
Enlarge Picture

to their pupils
Enlarge Picture

Our parents singing to their children!
Enlarge Picture

Alex Temple, 10 years at school
Enlarge Picture

Tania Dermen, 10 years at school
Enlarge Picture

Luciana De Miguel leaving us
Enlarge Picture

Our kindergartners watching the image display
Enlarge Picture

Our graduates looking at their diplomas
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