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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Last week of “adaptation”
During our last week of “adaptation” we did and learnt lots of things!

*We went to the playground and painted the floor with paintbrushes and water.

*We coloured a frame with crayons and we took it home on Friday with a picture of each one of us playing at school.

*We met Guillermo, our Gym teacher, and we played with him all together.

*We also met Florcita, our Music teacher. She brought in  “Lola” her guitar and we sang beautiful songs and danced with ribbons.

*We played with shaving cream on tables.

*And, on Friday 9th, was the first day that we stayed the

whole morning and afternoon. We went to the sandpit and we took home an envelope with the “three little ducks” song (that we learnt during the adaptation period) with the family ducks to put on the fridge.

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!

Punta Chica "Bunnies" and "Ducklings"

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