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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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Last week, the “Bunnies and Ducklings” came to school for the whole morning/afternoon and did so very happily
During the last days we continued playing and learning lots of things.

- We started to learn the names of the school objects that we have in our classroom:  "crayons", "blocks", "puzzles", etcetera. We had so much fun because we played lots of games to learn them.

- We went outside to learn how to play nicely in the playground with our friends, how to put the scooters and hobby horses away, how to come down from the slide, etc. We enjoyed learning the "playground rules" and having fun outside!

- We also call "Mr. Weatherman" every day and discuss with our friends the weather of the day. We look through the window  to see if it is a "sunny day", "cloudy day" or a "rainy day". We love to sing "Mr. Sun" if it´s a sunny day or "Rain, rain go away!" if it´s raining.

-Last week we used our "painting pinafores" for the first time! And we did lots of works with it on!

- We painted with paintbrushes and paint, using red paint on a white page. We painted freely with our paintbrushes. We had lots of fun!

- Another special activity we did, was painting with "dactilo acuarela" on the tables using our hands. At first , we didn´t want to touch it, but then, we realized it was going to be fun to explore the texture and get dirty!

-We visited Guillermo and Florcita again  and loved playing  with them. With Guillermo we always run, jump, play with rings, play "osito dormilón" and "El Indio" and with Florcita we sing and dance a lot! We learned a new song:  "La pulga".

Below you´ll find “La Pulga” lyrics:

Subiendo la montaña una pulga me picó

La agarré de las orejas pero igual se me escapó

Bajo por mi nariz, dió la vuelta y me mordió

Hay que ganas de llorar!


Vamos a buscar la pulga

Vamos a buscar la pulga

Vamos a buscar la pulga

Hay que darle un pisotón!!!!


Congratulations Bunnies and Ducklings for playing so nicely and having so much fun at school!!

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!!

Bunnies´ and Ducklings´ classes

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