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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Having fun in the Afternoon Bunnies classroom!
The Afternoon Bunnies have been having great fun at school, so we would like to tell you what our days are like.

First of all we carry out the arrival routines, such as taking out our copybooks, hanging our backpacks and placing our drawings inside a picture of the school to say we have arrived.

Then we sit down and play for a short while; with puzzles, toy cars, plastic animals, and our favourite: home-made dough.  After putting away, we sit down in the circle to sing for a while, always starting with the hello song.  We practise numbers by counting how many children came to school or stayed at home, and we find out what the weather is like.  We are learning so much English during Circle Time!

Some days we have art time, where we explore different colours and materials.  Other days we work at the tables or play games in English. We love going outside to the playground, and later we have music with Miss Lily or Gym with Guillermo.

After all this, we are very hungry, so it is time to wash our hands and rest for a while before we share the Snack. When we have finished, we read books from our Library and then we play in Centres.

What a long afternoon! It is time to get ready to sing goodbye…

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The Afternoon Bunnies

Putting the copybook in the basket
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Who came to school today?
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Saying Hello
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Having fun in the playground
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Playing instruments with Miss Lily in Music
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Painting with our hands!
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Playing in centres
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