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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Water cycle
The “Kangaroos” and “Tigers” are learning about how wonderful and important water is for all of us as well as learning about water cycle.

We started with a lovely on line story called “Drippy, the drop”.

After reading the story which taught us about Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation we carried out some experiments.

1)     We put some water in a glass and we marked the level to see how it evaporates, we are still watching our glass of water.

2)     We boiled water and let the steam come out and hit a mirror. When the water was condensing the children saw the way it rains.

3)      The Cottonwool and Water Activity:

 The children had some cotton wool and we told them to pretend that they were holding a cloud. We asked them how it felt:  heavy or light, soft or hard. Then we threw some water on the tables and we pretended it was a river. We splashed and  placed the "cloud" (cotton wool) gently over the water. Water was evaporating and it was filling up the cloud, so we realized that our cloud was heavier. 

After doing this, we held our “clouds” very high and yes, the water was dripping from the "cloud".  Why?  The cloud cannot hold all that water. It was very heavy.  So it started to rain (precipitation).

What happened to the water?  It was going right back onto the table, and the table could be our river, ocean, stream or the ground.  



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