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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Pinafores were so dirty!
On a sunny Friday we realized that our pinafores were very dirty, so we decided to wash them at school.

We filled up two big tubs with cold water and soap and we headed to the field.

We started by wetting the pinafores until they were completely soaked, then we put soap on stains and started scrubbing them.  Some of them did not dissapear but some were gone after some energetic scrubbing!


It was then that  we realized that the water had changed colour!! When we started it was transparent and when we finished it was reddish!!  All the paint that was on the pinafores had gone to  the water!!  The pinafores were clean but the water was dirty!!


The pinafores were then clean,  but full of soap, so we had to rinse them. Once they were rinsed we had to sqweeze out all the water with the help of a friend. One had to twist to one side and the other friend to the other side. It was magic!! Most of the water disappeared!!  

Then we hung them out in the playground and before going home they were completely dry!!


As a follow up activity the children had to put in order the pictures showing the sequence of the events.


Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!


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