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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Happy Easter!
Easter time at Punta Chica Kindergarten

In the Kindergarten we started getting ready for Easter by learning a variety of songs:

-          I´m a little Easter Bunny

-          Hello Little Bunny Rabbit

-          See how the Bunny hops along


Lots of crafts started taking place in the classrooms with pastel colours all around and recycled material.

On Friday, March 30th. came the highlight when a group of teachers put on a play “Goldilocks and the 3 Bunnies” to a delighted audience of pupils.

Based on the story of “ Goldilocks and the three bears”, we enjoyed watching how Goldilocks visited the house of the Easter Bunnies where she ate their carrots, broke the baby´s chair and even fell asleep.

When the bunnies arrived they were very surprised to see the lovely girl sleeping and decided to prepare some chocolate eggs for her.

First they cooked them, and when they were ready, they decorated and hid them. 

By the time, Goldilocks woke up, the surprise was ready, and she had fun looking for the eggs.  Although at first she didn´t want to share, the Bunnies encouraged her to do so and invited all the children to look for the Easter eggs in the playground.

This play gave us the opportunity of singing altogether the Easter songs they had been practising and we all finished dancing in an “Easter Party”!!

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!

The Teachers

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