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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Punta Chica Primary's First Assembly of 2012
Primary School Monitors and House Captains were announced. We were honored with the visit of our Head Boy and Prefects.


   On Tuesday,April 10th we had our first School Assembly at Punta Chica, during which we announced our Monitors who were chosen for their respectful, responsible and collaborative nature. They were signaled as helpful links between pupils and teachers; as peers that pupils can turn to when in trouble.

The school’s Head Boy and Prefects joined us in our celebration and they shared their experience as role models at school. We congratulate them all for their achievements!

During our Assembly we also stressed the importance of continuing our efforts in recycling disposable material and how all our individual efforts can have a big impact in our environment. This year we will continue collecting bottle tops, old keys, paper and plastic bottles and we invite all our community to join us.


6A- Máximo N. - Catalina L.

6B- Christopher V. - Lucía M.




        BROWN:       Theo M. - Mora I.  

        DODDS:        Roque G. - Denise D. 

        FLEMING:     Jerónimo M. - Malena P.A.

        MONTEITH:   Tomás B. - Valentina M.



We would like to thank our Secondary School students for their visit and congratulate our new leaders.

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