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16/9/2019 School Calendar
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The things we should do and the things we have to do
Ari chose to do at the English Speaking Union Competition

    Ari T. represented St. Andrew’s at the 20th edition of the English Speaking Union (ESU) Annual Public Speaking Competition held at the British Embassy on the 19th April, in an event with 35 entrants.

    In his speech, "The things we should do and the things we have to do", Ari made references to such iconic literary figures as Othello, Morpheus, Franz Kafka and Albert Camus, whilst exploring the theme of "The head or the heart".

    A leading member of the senior debating team, Ari felt that, although he didn’t win, the experience of speaking for 4 minutes, in front of a room of strangers, really helped his confidence and was something he felt that "he had to do."

    There will be several ESU events later in the year as well as a Spanish language debate this space for details.

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