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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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The Ducklings and the Bunnies are learning about colours!
The “Ducklings” and “Bunnies” came in dressed in red clothes and brought a “red snack” such as apples, strawberries, tomatoes, red cereals and cookies.

Last week they painted on the tables using cars and blue paint and also played with blue dough that  they prepared.

This week they made yellow jelly and painted with yellow glue using balloons. The Ducklings also started mixing primary colours  using fingerpaint to see what happened.  They loved getting dirty and stamping their hands all over the tables!

As a closure the children make a “colour hunt”.  They had to toss a “colours dice” and had to look for something of the corresponding colour- “look for something…yellow!” 

All the “Bunnies and the Ducklings” had lots of fun learning!”

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!

Mrs. Carla, Mrs. Delfi & Miss Angie

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