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26/2/2020 School Calendar
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We went to the supermarket
After a visit to a real supermarket, and a lot of preparation, the time had come... our classroom Supermarket was ready to open its doors.

With the children we sorted the products on the gondolas shelves, distributed the different roles of the people who work there, and decided who the customers were going to be. We distributed the money, got the cash registers ready and we started having fun.

Very funny things happened in our supermarket:

- Dogs escaped from their house and entered the supermarket, creating a great mess, and security people needed to intervene.

- One customer was out of money, and he thought that a solution was saying that they had stolen his wallet. He talked to the supervisor (teacher) and as he needed to pay for his things, a friend lent him his credit card.

- A father went home with his cart and fogot  his baby behind. Luckily, he  realized and came back for him.

- A couple walked around shopping reminding each other what to buy.

- On one ocasion, thieves entered the supermarket,  needing security to take action.  Thank goodness, no one was hurt and recovered all of our belongings.

They all enjoyed playing and creating new situations.

We hope you like this song that we have been singing.  We´d like to share it with you:

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The Tigers and the Kangaroos´ class

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Enlarge Picture

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