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PATHS® (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Programme in the Morning Bears class
PATHS is a programme that targets the development of social and emotional competence.

In order to build children’s protective factors and decrease the risk of behavioural and social problems; it is designed to promote social and emotional competence, prevent violence, aggression and other conflicts, improve critical thinking skills and enhance the classroom climate.

PATHS covers five conceptual domains:

  • Self-Control
  • Emotional Understanding
  • Positive Self-Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Interpersonal Problem-Solving Skills

Central to the PATHS programme are key characters such as Twiggle the Turtle and Henrietta the Hedgehog who provide graphic models of these skills.


*       "Twiggle Learns To Do Turtle" Storybook

      In the storybook, Twiggle the Turtle gets very upset, he learns to stop himself from acting out and to pull himself into his shell to calm down first. Then he is able to explain his feelings, listen to his friends and then find a way to solve the problem.

      Following Twiggle’s example The Bears were taught to tell themselves to stop when feeling upset and to “do turtle”, taking a few moments to calm down. Once calm, they are encouraged to say how they feel and what is upsetting them, the first step in effective self-regulation and social problem solving.

      We will continue to work on this programme throughout the school year.

      We will keep you posted! 

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