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12/8/2020 School Calendar
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A school wide project to celebrate this key environmental issue

    We all know how important it is to look after our earth.  Each year we celebrate a key environmental issue decided by the United Nations; in 2012 it is Green Economy (to learn more visit:
    To show how much work we do about this in school Miguel S. (year 12) and Tobias B. (year 10) presented a summary of their work on the green economy and how this affects our lives at a local level.  In years 7 and 8 students wrote poems about environmental lessons in their English lessons.  All of this was presented in assembly so we could celebrate our green achievements but also consider how much more we could be doing.

   Thank you to all students involved, the English department and Silvia Rios for helping coordinate this school wide project.


Trash is on the floor
Fish dead, rivers polluted
I fear the future.

Forests are silent
All you need is to do this:
Just care about trees

You can realize 
That cars pollute the clean air
So take the bus now.

Papers on the floor
Huge trash heaps rise every day
Bad smell at our doors.

Heal the planet Earth
The future depends on us
So let´s recycle.

It flows in rivers
We need it for our lives
So let´s protect it.

The world needs our help
so let´s start by cleaning it
Recycling is great.

Freezing mountain peaks
Reaching the beautiful sky
Glaciars are melting.

Papers, Plastic, oil
Are destroying our nature
So let´s stop them now.

Glaciers are melting
Animals are in danger
This is terrible.


Let´s think about the world;
We have to think before we do.
Think about the magnificent pearls
Think about the cows that moo.
The birds that sing
And flap their wings.
The lion that roars
And the fearless boar
So stop pollution 
And help nature.



They pull my hair
They steal my clothes
They leave what’s left
In drying rivers and ponds.
I hear different winds
Running away
And near behind
A track following them.
I smell the perfume of beautiful flowers
That is interrupted by the horrible cesspool power.


Our planet is destroyed,
And it is ‘nobody’s’ fault,
Trash is everywhere, you see,
Where none should be.
Swish, swish, swish, dead leaves blown up high
Upon the polluted sky,
Animal species disappear
As money in a year.
So if our planet we want to save
 We might say,
‘Waste must go in trashes
And trees shouldn’t be burnt into ashes.’
If you understand what I’m passing through
Please make an effort starting by you.

Nature, oh mighty deity Nature,
Nature, the elegant lady. Your green dress
Starts in brown shoes and ends in a
Starry hat.
Nature, suffering a strong full pain
Caused by your people. Their breath
Turns your dress to an endless grey,
Full fall.
Holes are made in your veil,
Letting the merciless sun
Burn your peaceful face;
Only few have seen.
Nature, oh, mighty deity Nature,
Fate is being written in the death book.
People behold your life, it’s destined
To end, shortly for us to die.



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