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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Birthday party!
Last week was special. The “Bunnies” and the “Ducklings” celebrated “Twiggle´s” and “Flopsy´s” birthday party, and for the occasion we prepared lots of things.

To start off, we asked the children what things do they think were needed for a birthday party? They said: cake, birthday bags, “piñata”, banners, ballons, snacks, and a present for Twiggle and Flopsy.

We painted with “rollers” on big papers and with that we created a big birthday banner. We also painted our own “birthday bags” so that everyone could take home a souvenir, and we decided to make drawings, as a present for our puppets.

We wrote down the invitations for the party and we drew with markers on a long white piece of cloth and we used it as a table cloth.

For the celebration we made a crown for “Twiggle” and another one for “Floppsy” and we also made one for each one of us.

We had a great time!!!!!! The party was wonderful!!

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!!


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