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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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The "G" - Day
Kangaroos and Tigers have learnt the "G" sound, and to celebrate it, we had a "Green Game Day"

After working on the "G" sound in the classroom, brainstorming words which start with this sound, and colouring and drawing our "G" card, we decided to have a Green Game Day. All the children came dressed in green, or HAD A  a green detail. We had a parade where we showed  our fancy clothes, and danced all together. 

We shared  our snack and went to the playground to have a "game fair" where we played divided in 4 groups. We had:

+Duck, duck, goose

+Potato race

+Traditional “sapo” game

+Put the tail on the pig

We took turns and played all the games. As a final activity, we got together and enjoyed a story called "Go away, big green monster" by Ed Emberly.


Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!


Tigers´ and Kangaroos´ class

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Enlarge Picture

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