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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Goodbye autumn
Creating leaf families!

In order to say goodbye to the autumn, the “Tigers” created leaf families using leaves they picked up from the playground. They had to represent their own families and write their names. They had fun drawing all the members of their families using the leaves as parts of their bodies!

They also learnt a poem about autumn that describes the texture of autumn leaves and the sound they make when stepped on.

To finish the celebration they went to the playground and  made a pile of leaves way up their knees, they jumped in them and kicked them all around just as the poem says! They also felt the prickly texture of the leaves and the crickly crackly sound they make.


“When the leaves are on the ground

Instead of on the trees, I like to make a great big pile way up to my knees.

I like to jump and run in them, and kick them all around

I like the prickly feel of them and the  crickly, crackly sound!!”


Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery.

Tigers´ class

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Enlarge Picture

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