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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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Tigers & Kangaroos are great artists
We started our Art project ofthis month!

We experimented with dots, and dots which turned into lines, then colouring inside.
We had four Art stations:
1- Alcohol, markers and droppers with alcohol.  The children were very entertained putting a drop of alcohol into the top of the marker and seeing it drop out.

2 - Black Indian ink and cotton tip to make lines

3- Watercolours with thin paintbrushes

4- Paint with flat paintbrushes

Every child started at one of the stations, and when the music stopped they had to take their work to the next station, and go on including the different materials and techniques into their productions.
When we finished we had an evaluation of the activity, which started by comparing our productions, which were all different. In some of them we could see all four materials, while others got so enthused that they had
covered everything with paint.
We also talked about how they had worked, if they had a plan before starting or they just got carried away "by Art".
We had a great time, and realized we are all great artists!

Enjoy more pictures in our photogallery!


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Enlarge Picture

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