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15/9/2019 School Calendar
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Tropical Treasure Hunt
On Friday, August 10th., the Punta Chica Kindergarten Parents put on their annual play.

On their hunt for the treasure, a grandparent and his grandchildren encountered birds, fairies, flowers,  hindu girls, monkeys  and even the Spirits of the Forest!  They delighted us with their songs and dances.

In the forest were four colourful recycling bins:  paper, plastic, compost and glass.  These bins were personified by fathers who had us giggling throughout the show as well as teaching the importance of recycling.

The theme of the show was very meaningful to us because caring for our environment  is part of our philosophy and, the treasure, as Father Nature told us, is our natural environment.

We would like to congratulate the 80 parents who took part in the play giving up their time on a weekly basis to practise.

A special mention to Mara Santucci Taylor (General Director, Script and Choreographies), Ximena Ibañez Wolodarsky Franke (Script, Art Director, Set & Costume Design, Choreographies), Lorena Arrebillaga (Choreographies), Paula Barberis Laperuta (Choreographies), Verónica Liddle Kaplun (Treasurer and General Producción) and  Isabel Chapur Bufa (General Production

A special mention goes to the singing of Verónica Mackinlay as Flora.

The parents worked as a team, solving the problems that appeared on their way at the same time as practising to achieve a very professional end product.

We would also like to thank  the enormous amount of donations received which will be very useful to the Jardín N° 907, the kindergarten we work with.

Enjoy more pictures in our photo gallery!

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