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23/8/2019 School Calendar
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Tigers & Kangaroos pretended to be “actors”
Play has a very important place in our schedule!

It helps to develop many fundamental skills necessary,  not only during childhood, but for our adult life as well.

After reading the book “The Importance of Fantasy Play” by Vivian Gussin Paley , the teachers planned a project linking play, dramatization and literature.

The pupils were divided into groups and invent and dramatize their own story.  They set the scene and prepared their costumes while dramatizing what they had dictated to their teacher.

They had such fun they wanted to go on inventing stories the next day and we observed them playing with the same theme in the playground!

Some of the titles were “Las Princesas y el Rey Gigante”, “Los Tres cachorritos en el bosque”

All these helped the pupils to:

-          Develop their  writing skills

-          Take into account the audience the play was planned for

-          Work as a team

-          Respect each others´work

-          Develop creativity and imagination


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