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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Who has helped?
Hands up those of you who have taken part in any of the Learning through Service projects

      Just this simple question asked during an Assembly, brought up a sea of hands among the students who have worked in any of the institutions the school is involved with: Hospital San Fernando and Ricardo Gutierrez - Hogares Resguardo I y II - Colegio Sta. María de la Luz and other schools in Cacharí, Chacabuco, Cucha Cucha and Delta - Geriátrico Vte. López and San Micael - Reserva Ribera Norte - Un Techo para Mí País.

     Students can either visit the institutions or work with their class teachers on the Learning through  Service projecs.

     A picture is worth a thousand words, and despite those who were too shy to put their hand up, this picture has a lot to say.

Enlarge Picture

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