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12/8/2020 School Calendar
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Olivos Kindergarten Concert

On Wednesday, September 12th and Friday, September 14th we had our Kindergarten Concert.

Joy, hard work, excitement and smiles were the stars of the day. A large group of kindergartners with their teachers, danced, sang and waved at their parents with pride. Brothers, sisters and grandparents clapped enthusiastically at the children after each performance.

Our Concert brought back the awareness of healthy habits. Exercising, eating healthy food, having a bath every day, brushing their teeth, good sleep, were some of the topics mentioned in the songs.

A wise robot found in the park was the one giving advice to a group of children who were playing nearby and woke him up.

Stop, Look and Listen! was the motto of the Concert. People should stop every now and again to think carefully about how to lead a healthy life, look at the beauty around them and listen to good advice.

As every year a group of very committed mothers put up a tuck shop on both days to raise money for one of our our Community Service projects.

We would like to thank those mothers and all the families who joined us on those very special days for us!




Stop, Look, Listen!
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Afternoon Bunnies
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Afternoon Bears
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Morning Bunnies
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Morning Bears
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St. Andrew's Song!
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