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26/6/2019 School Calendar
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"Stand up Tall" Workshop
On Sept. 6th, year 11 students attended the "Stand Up Tall" workshop, delivered by Ben Walden from "Contender Charlie".

On the Tuesday afternoon before the September break, the students from Year 11 were treated to a unique and unforgettable talk from Ben Walden, an English Shakespearean actor. For several years, Ben has been using his experience and impressive talents to inspire students and educators in the UK and all over the world, using Shakespeare's plays as his starting point.

The Year 11's were immediately captivated by Ben's effortless blending of pyschology and philosphy, histrionic comedy and deeply moving personal anecdote, and were led to reflect on the four elements: air, fire, water and earth as four aspects of ourselves: the intellect, spirit, emotions and body. Ben challenged the students to be authentic, to get to know themselves and be brave enough to discover their true vocations. Ben's final, powerfully dramatised, reading of Nelson Mandela's parting words before being led away to his 27-year imprisonment, will serve as inspiration to all of us who were present, for a very long time to come. We were priveliged to have been in the presence of a great actor and a very wise man.


Andrew Cobb

+ info: Contender Charliewhich uses mythodrama as a tool,  believes a school system is the most inspirational and supportive environment possible for the physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual development of young people.

Their mission is to support young people in the exploration of their emotional development and creative potential.


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