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17/7/2019 School Calendar
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Spring is here!! – Punta Chica
When Spring arrives our playground becomes very crowded. Lots of minibeasts apperar and this provides a great opportunity to learn about them.

We have started this unit looking into  ladybugs,  reading "The bad tempered Ladybug" by Eric Carle. We had our first clue on the first page of the book, where two ladybugs were eating aphids off a leaf. 

Looking at books in groups, provided us with more information, and we started writing down all  the facts on a picture of a big ladybug. We learnt interesting facts:


·  ladybugs have 2 pairs of wings.


·  when they are born they are not colourful,  but “black”.

·  their bright colours are to warn predators that they taste “ugly”  and when one of them appears they turn around and stay very still, as pretending to be dead.

·  they secrete a very disgusting smell from their legs so as to be left alone.

·  during cold seasons they hibernate.

We also wanted to make our own ladybugs, and for that we used paper plates, tracing paper, paint, scissors and paintbrushes:


We also learnt the ladybugs song, which you can watch here:


We will go on learning about other minibeasts, so please come back and visit this site for more news!

 Enjoy more pictures in our photogallery!

Tigers and Kangaroos

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Enlarge Picture

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