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25/6/2019 School Calendar
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The Farm
During the last days, the Bunnies and the Ducklings learnt a lot of new things about the Farm animals.

We started exploring and learning everything about these animals, and lots of questions came to our minds:  What do they eat?  Do they all eat the same food?  Where do they sleep? Who takes care of them?  Why do they live on the farm?  as well as many more.  While answering these questions  by looking at books and watching short educational videos on the subject, we learnt songs:  "baa baa black sheep"  "Mary had a little lamb" and "Old Mc Donald had a farm”. We sing them a lot, but our favourite one is  definitely  “Baa baa black sheep”

We love to play a game in which we have to choose our favourite farm animal and imitate its sound, while our friends have to guess which animal it is.  

Finally, we carried out an amazing art activity using the toy farm animals that we have in the classroom. 

We stamped their footprints on a white sheet of paper with colour paint and we realized that they are all different!

We enjoy playing and learning all together!

To see more pictures, visit our photogallery!

Miss Angie, Miss Delfi and Miss Carla

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