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Construcción de Ciudadania Project
In 8MH for our Construcción de Ciudadania Project, we decided to work with the kids in primary (Yr5). Our objective was to create a bond between primary and middle school.

We would like to share reports from boys and girls on this activity. 

Massive thanks goes to Luz Del Rio for all of her help and endless generosity with her time and energy.


Also a big thank you to the yr 5 Primary teachers and Caroline Ayling for allowing our yr 8 kids to complete an excellent inter school sector project.


Report from the boys

by Harry Jolly, Juan Manuel Otero, Marcos Ochoa Mabres and Benjamín Sanchez Lopez

"On Wednesday seventh of November, 8MH went over to Primary to spend the afternoon with the Year 5 students.

We were divided into three groups at the beginning to act out a few plays for each of the classes. The plays were 20000 leagues under the sea, Robinson Crusoe and Hercules. After we had finished being laughed at by the children we went out to break and prepared for our next activities.

When break was over we waited for the children down by the basketball field. We divided the boys into two groups. One of the groups stayed down at the basketball field playing football –tennis while the other children with me, that are not so skilled in football went to play Ping-Pong and baby-foot. The fifth graders outmatched us in Ping-Pong but we manage to win back some dignity by beating them at baby-foot.

After we finished playing games we met up with the girls group and we found some shade. We gave them some food and drinks that we had brought with us. They really enjoyed talking to us and just being with us."

Report from the girls

 by Faustina Van Thienen y Milagros Suarez Gilligan 

"We planned this project over several PSE classes. Our plan was:

*Make 3 groups. Each was going to work for approximately 20min in a class. We had to present ourselves and perform a short play from a book.

*We divided into boys and girls, and made different activities. Boys planned on playing football and girls planned activities with music and costumes.

*At the end, all together, we would have an afternoon tea, with coke, cakes, cookies, etc.

Wednesday 7th of November was a very hot afternoon and we headed to primary to start with our first activity.  We presented three plays to the three different Yr5 classes. It was very fun and the kids enjoyed it a lot. Then when the bell rang we had to start with our second activity. For the girls´ activity, the idea was use the audiovisual room, because it had air conditioning and outside it was over 30degrees. We had an inconvenience that the 1st graders were using the room we were supposed to use. As this happened we went outside and we had to improvise activities that didn’t involve so much moving.  We had brought costumes! So we gave them to the little girls and made 4 groups. With each group we did some choreography and then we presented them. We all had a lot of funand the girls seemed very exited too!

Afterwards, we ate the afternoon tea together with the boys that had made other activities. We had brought cakes, cookies, muffins, chips and drinks. We ate all together under the shade and we said goodbye.

After this year, we are hoping that yr8 will continue with this project in the future years."

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