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A Healthy Balance between Participation and Excellence
Our Physical Education Programme seeks to achieve a healthy balance between participation and excellence with varying degrees of emphasis from Primary to Secondary. The Games portion of the programme prepares our pupils to play and enjoy competitive sports at all ages.

Pupils can choose from an ample and varied array of physical activities in order to help them:

Find an activity which they enjoy and gives them the opportunity to achieve excellence.
Participate according to the appropriate skill level based on their commitment, work ethic, and skills.
Continue to practice their preferred sport(s) after they graduate from St. Andrew's.

In Primary, we emphasize participation above excellence, prioritizing pleasure and enthusiasm for the activity regardless of the results achieved. Results are of importance to the teachers only to the extent that they are used as indicators to learn and make adjustments that will help the group to improve its performance.

In Secondary, we continue to emphasize participation, but excellence gains importance. Pupils become part of the institution's teams according to their level of performance. At this stage of our pupils' sports development, we encourage healthy competition while seeking to achieve good results in matches, tournaments and championships.

Attitude and Behaviour

While we encourage winning, our pupils are expected to be honourable and generous in victory as well as in defeat. It is important to highlight that important life-long lessons are more often drawn from losing than from winning. Cheating, violent acts and all signs of disrespect will be sanctioned. Unconditional support of these policies is expected from all members of our community.

Flagship Sports

Hockey, Rugby and Athletics are considered the school's flagship sports. Since our pupils represent both the School and the Former Pupils' Club in Hockey and Rugby games, the two institutions are committed to working closely together to ensure that the teaching and training philosophy is closely aligned and schedules are carefully coordinated.

Tours and Tournaments

From EPB II to Polimodal, pupils are selected for tournaments and championships according to the skill-level demanded by the competition. The opportunity to participate in sports tours is granted to all those pupils who comply with the necessary requirements to represent our school: commitment and attendance to the department's various activities; good behavior, not only in physical education but in all areas of school life; and, an adequate level of performance, determined by the quality of the opposition.

The school is fully aware that it cannot ensure full participation of all our pupils in all of our sports tours. As a result, throughout their careers at St. Andrew's, we offer pupils a wide range of opportunities in different disciplines for them to experience exchanges with pupils of other institutions.

Physical Education Department Structure

The Physical Education Programme at St. Andrew's is divided into two parts: Physical Education (PE) and Games. How are PE and Games different from each other?

PE stands for all physical activity practiced by pupils in ESB (Years 1 - 9) in the school's sports facilities as one more subject matter within the daily academic timetable.

Structurally, the PE activity is divided into different units which last between five to seven weeks.

In the Primary (EPB I & II) PE Programme, pupils carry out a programme of activities that range from Motor Co-ordination and Basic Physical Formation to the introduction and development of different sports disciplines among which we would highlight the following:

Bat games like Cricket and Softball
Net games like Short Tennis and Volleyball

In the ESB PE Programme, we include the practice of sports such as:


All of these are combined in an organized and balanced programme according to the needs of the students.

Games refers to all the extra-curricular sports activities that take place in Punta Chica.

In Primary Games, pupils practice the following sports in rotating blocks:

Hockey for girls
Rugby for boys
Swimming and Athletics for both genders

In ESB Games, we introduce the opportunity for pupils to select a sport to practice from the following list:

Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Football (as from Yr 11 / 2º year of Polimodal).
Hockey, Volleyball, Swimming .

It is important to highlight that as from the beginning of the year until mid-April, it is compulsory for all pupils from EPB II to Polimodal to practice Athletics during the week. In the case of ESB and Polimodal levels, pupils practice their selected sport on weekends. In the case of EPB II, pupils practice Rugby or Hockey on weekends.

Policy for Weekend Activities

All pupils chosen by the School to participate in matches, tournaments or training sessions are expected to be present at Punta Chica at the appointed time.
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